What We Believe




Action Together NEPA is a grassroots progressive organization dedicated to community action and political advocacy to support bold progressive policies that will preserve our democracy and promote social and economic justice. We were founded in the aftermath of the November 2016 election when several dozen area residents, members of the viral Facebook groups Pantsuit Nation, banded together and decided to turn loss into action through resistance and solidarity. Today, Action Together NEPA is a 501(c)(4) organization with hundreds of members and chapters in Luzerne, Lackawanna, Columbia, Susquehanna, and Wayne Counties. AT NEPA is a proven progressive leader with the potential to mobilize thousands of individuals and lead them in collective action.

Goals and Vision


During the 2016 presidential election, it became apparent that there was a total void of progressive leadership in Northeastern PA, and that the political parties within all of our counties had become completely ineffective (at best) at getting out their message, especially to working class voters. We believe effective messaging is key to energizing the forward-thinking base in our region, and we also believe that as a regionally recognized and well-established organization, we are in a key position to play a significant role.


Action Together NEPA’s main goal is to establish a permanent progressive infrastructure in Northeastern PA to inform our residents about how local, state and federal policies can have immediate and long-term effects on their day to day lives. We strive to educate voters to generate a higher level of engagement in the electoral process and to promote transparency in government. We advocate for policies that lift up everyone and work towards economic justice.


In 2020 and beyond, we plan to grow and expand our organization and our footprint in Northeastern PA. AT NEPA will work to strengthen our established relationships with progressive groups in neighboring counties, and to nurture and encourage all of our progressive partners. We recognize that collaboration is necessary to promote a unified message that will help elect progressive candidates and establish a permanent progressive infrastructure. This web of relational bonds between grassroots organizations is a proven and effective method of influencing voters.

We also hope to grow our membership, especially the number of dedicated volunteers who are willing to knock on doors during the upcoming critical election cycle. We plan to hold forums and town halls to help educate area voters, and we also plan to have training sessions for our members to keep them engaged as well as to develop new progressive leaders. We are confident that the addition of a full-time organizer will help us achieve our goal of strengthening and expanding our organization and solidifying our position as a leading voice for progress in Northeastern PA.

Long Term Mission and Organizational Goals


Since becoming table partners with America Votes, more of our long-term goals are within reach. Action Together NEPA intends to further expand our membership, strengthen our infrastructure, and increase our ability to activate progressives across NEPA. Part of this work will be to continue to raise our profile. We wish to be the “go to” Progressive Organization in NEPA and to increase our visibility so that we can have more of an impact and lead and help others that are working toward the same cause. Our goal is to grow internally and externally to achieve our mission, which is to build community and establish a sustainable progressive infrastructure in NEPA.


In order to build community, we realize we must show people they are not alone in their struggle and motivate them to take action, and that working together, we can accomplish our goals. We will directly engage with populations previously overlooked in NEPA, including but not limited to the LatinX community, African Americans, Women, LGBTQ+, senior citizens, people with disabilities, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, working class people, and people without opportunity. We will continue to support progressive candidates, encouraging candidates to run for office who share these values, especially women, minorities, and young people to run for elected office, so no one is left behind.


We will continue our efforts to build permanent, progressive infrastructure in NEPA. We will offer a ladder of engagement and meet people where they are. We will develop the knowledge and skills of our volunteers, leaders, and activists through training and experience. Growing our infrastructure includes building a funding base that will eventually sustain our movement so that we have the capacity to mobilize progressives throughout the region to affect change.