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Enough is Enough Rally and AT's Statement on Gun Violence

Enough is enough! Action Together NEPA urges Congress to take immediate action on sensible gun violence prevention measures that are supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans. Silence is not an acceptable response to the multiple mass murders committed by domestic terrorists with inexplicable access to military-style firearms, high capacity magazines and unlimited rounds of ammunition. Our elected officials can and must stand up to the gun lobby to protect innocent Americans from this readily identifiable threat.

Sadly, rather than taking steps to reduce gun violence, America is moving in the opposite direction. It is inarguable that the frequency of mass shootings has increased since the assault weapon ban was allowed to lapse in 2004. In February 2017, President Trump signed a law making it easier for people with a history of mental illness to purchase guns. And plans are now underway for passage of a new law that will make it easier to import assault rifles, transport weapons across state lines, and purchase silencers - which have been banned since the 1930s.

We believe that now is that time to stand up to the bullying gun lobby, and we strongly support measures that will implement universal background checks, close the gun-show loophole, control online sales, limit the size of ammunition clips, monitor inordinate purchases of ammunition, improve our mental health system, authorize research to study and share information about gun violence, increase product safety, and control access to weapons of war and devices that make them even more deadly. We call on Congress to immediately establish a bipartisan committee to research gun violence and enact common sense legislation to help end this crisis.


We accomplished great things in our first year. We will continue the resistance into 2018. Please consider a donation to help in the fight.

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