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Action Together NEPA is a grassroots progressive organization dedicated to community action and political advocacy. We support bold progressive policies that will preserve our democracy and promote social and economic justice.


We envision a vibrant progressive infrastructure of engaged and empowered voters across northeastern Pennsylvania, working together to create a thriving society for everyone.


  • Pro-Voters, Pro-Democracy
    We believe voters should pick their leaders, not the other way around. Elected officials should work to expand access to the ballot box by protecting access to mail-in voting and dropboxes, making Election Day a holiday, enacting same day registration, and allowing early voting.
  • Hyper-Local Issues
    We believe that positive change begins in our own backyards by building vibrant neighborhoods, and we look for and support community solutions that address hyperlocal issues.
  • Abortion & Reproductive Freedom
    We believe that abortion care is healthcare. Healthcare decisions must be made by an individual and their healthcare provider, not politicians, judges, or special interests. Every person should have private access to full sexual and reproductive health services.
  • Care
    We believe a strong economy starts with strong families. We support policies that provide families the tools and opportunities they need at every stage of life, including: child care, senior care, disability care, and paid family leave.
  • Disability Rights
    We believe that the rights of people with disabilities should be protected, and we will advocate so that they may live the lives they choose, free from abuse, neglect, discrimination, and segregation. We will support policies that improve disability services and social systems, and will work to ensure the civil rights of an empowered, independent disability community.
  • Economic Inequality
    We believe that every hardworking Pennsylvanian deserves a living wage, not a poverty wage. With the right tools and opportunities, every individual can build a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities.
  • Education
    We believe that public education is the key to opportunity and success for every child–no matter where they live, the color of their skin, or their family’s economic standing. We support policies that fully fund public education at every level, support our teachers, increase vocational education opportunities, and end the student debt crisis.
  • Environment
    We believe in clean, carbon-free energy solutions, which will create high-paying jobs and protect our planet for future generations. Our Pennsylvania Constitution guarantees the right to clean air and water, and that right should be safeguarded for everyone.
  • Gender Equality
    We believe that gender equality is a fundamental human right that is critical to making our families, our communities, and our economy strong. We advocate for policies and programs that eliminate inequalities and empower all people facing gender discrimination.
  • Gun Reform
    We believe in common sense gun safety reforms that protect our children, our families, and our communities. We support policies that tackle the epidemic of gun violence, close loopholes in the law, and advocate for responsible firearm ownership.
  • Harm Reduction
    We believe that all policies to address drug addiction must put people first and lead with compassion. We support programs that meet people where they are when working toward recovery, including overdose protection programs.
  • Healthcare
    We believe healthcare is a human right that should be affordable and accessible to everyone.
  • Human Rights
    We believe that all people around the globe are entitled to basic human rights. When human rights are endangered, humanitarian efforts must be put in place to help those in need. We believe that diplomacy, not militarism and violence, is the way forward toward a peaceful global community.
  • Immigration Reform
    We believe immigrants are a source of America’s strength and are our valued family members, our next door neighbors, and members of our communities. We support immigration policies based on compassion within a rules-based system, not division and fear.
  • Infrastructure & Broadband
    We believe that investment in our infrastructure is vital to ensuring the prosperity of our communities. We support policies that improve our roads and bridges, increase public transportation, and expand access to rural broadband and cellular connectivity.
  • Justice Reform
    We believe in compassionate reforms to the justice system that emphasize public safety rather than retribution. We support public safety programs that focus on early intervention, community solutions, and the decriminalization of nonviolent offenses.
  • LGBTQ+ Rights & Gender Identity
    We believe all people should be treated equally under the law and should be free to live without fear, no matter their gender identity, sexual orientation, or sex. We affirm that marriage equality is the law of the land; that trans rights are human rights; and that the rights of trans youth must be respected.
  • Racial Equality & Equity
    We believe that systemic change is needed to combat structural racism in our local communities, our state, and our country. We advocate for policies that will end the entrenched injustices in our laws and society; and we support organizations that work towards a future free of discrimination with equitable opportunities for BIPOC populations in our communities.
  • Workers’ Rights and Unions
    We believe building a vibrant and prosperous economy begins with workers. We envision an economy where all workers are empowered, treated with dignity, earn a living wage, and have equal opportunities. We enthusiastically support workers’ rights to form strong, thriving unions.

Action Together NEPA, Inc.

P.O. Box 521

Mountain Top, Pa 18707

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