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Action Together NEPA's team is made up of an amazing group of dedicated advocates, organizers, educators, nonprofit professionals, and experts in government and elections. Dedicated to building a vibrant and sustainable progressive infrastructure throughout northeast PA, we show up in our communities year-round to create change that lifts everyone up. 

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Board of Directors

Amanda Cook


Karen Anselm


Andrea Glod


Lisa Napersky


Dwayne Heisler

Board Member

Edward Mitchell

Board Member

Jay Notartomaso

Board Member


Alisha Hoffman-Mirilovich

Executive Director

Jessica Brittain

Organizing & Communications Director

Kristin Volchansky

Advocacy Director

Jimmy Conroy

Field & Civic Engagement Manager

Beth Gilbert

Voting & Elections Manager

Samantha Trobe

Organizing Manager

Robert Barkley

Community Organizer

Sharee Clark

Community Organizer

Katarina Gereda

Community Organizer

Levi Larouche

Community Organizer

Melissa Dyas

Field Organizer

Shawn Reilly

Field Organizer

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